Uncovering Operational Blindspots

Lack of on-ground operational visibility such as safety hazards, worker inefficiencies, product quality challenges, customer journey interactions, inbound-outbound goods mishandling leads to inefficiency and loss in productivity

Enabling Vision AI based Contextual Intelligence

Turn live data streams from IP cameras, sensors, web, and applications into structured data, analytics, alerts, and valuable information. Exceed human capabilities with increased speed, accuracy, reliability, cost efficiency, and compliance.


Processes video, image, audio, or telemetry data in real-time


State-of-the-art deep learning models and customisable dashboard with automated alerts


Optimise core business processes, metrics & build new capacity

Explore our ready-to-use AI solutions

Enhanced with Vision GPT Technology

AI Interactive Search

AI based Interactive Video search leveraging Gen AI. e.g. “Find me a scene where a person is wearing a red shirt and laughing"

AI Video Summarisation

Automatically summarise extensive hours of footage, focusing on significant events of interest or anomalies

Product Highlights

Connect Any Visual Input

Any Visual Input - Images, Video  

Activate AI Solutions

Fine tune AI solutions for the specific use cases

Receive  Analytics

Start getting Analytics and Alerts on Dashboard

Optimise your Process

Measure and Improve your business metrics

Capabilities & Showcase

Explore Showcase

Loading SOP Monitoring

Intrusion Detection

Spill Detection

Emotion Analysis

Customer Journey Maps

Safety PPE Check

Business Impact with new-age metrics 

turned on monitoring screen

Improves Productivity

Lowers Human Error & Cost

Uncovers User Journeys

Enforces Operating Standards


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I re-use my existing video infrastructure ?

Yes you can re-use your existing video infrastructure or systems. The systems connects to the source on RTSP streams and analyses the frame rate, image quality, field of view and lighting conditions

System works on both on-premise server (CPU), Edge (CPU, GPU) or on Cloud (CPU) to optimise the cost and model performance

Once the data source is received, it takes a few hours for ready-to-use solutions and 2-3 weeks if the solutions needs to be customised/retrained